~Fall Finds~

Well, okay it’s not technically fall yet, but I am sitting here with a warm cup of coffee and pumpkin pie candles burning throughout the house. Can you tell I’m in a hurry for fall to get here? I absolutely love EVERYTHING about fall. The weather, sweaters, scarves, boots, candles, and all the yummy food that comes along with it.

Okay, okay I won’t try to rush summer away anymore, but I do want to share some of my latest purchases with you all, because I LOVE them.

As you all know, Shawn and I are currently having a house built and I can’t help but shop for new furniture and knick knacks to decorate with. We have been living in our current house for about 4 years now, and I want to get some new pieces that I can mingle in with things we already have.

The first Item I purchased is a new computer chair for my office:

In the new house we are going to have 4 bedrooms, so I am going to turn one into my office. Shawn will of course have the home office downstairs, since he works from home. In my office, I am going to be doing mainly black and white items, but I couldn’t pass up this pop of pink! I cannot wait to show you all the finished room.

The next Item I recently purchased is this new cutting board for our kitchen. For some reason, I have an odd obsession with cutting boards. I have SO many from all wood, to wood and marble, to different shapes and sizes. This one though, will be one that I keep out on the counter and I will most likely keep a candle and plant on top of it. Our kitchen is going to be a “farmhouse” style, so I thought this would work out great.


Next up, is our new coffee table! The 2 coffee tables that we currently own are brown, but in our new family room we are not going to be using brown, so I wanted to purchase a new one. Again, we are doing a “farmhouse” style, so I was looking for one with a bit of a rustic feel to it, and preferrably grey/red/teal in color. Well, I found one that I absolutely love! It is the right color, shape, and size for our family room (don’t mind the basket on top, I took this picture inside the store):


One thing I also loved about this, is that it opens up. This will allow us to keep our blankets inside and any other items we need to. I did not want anything TOO bulky for the family, so this should work out great for us! Another thing, that was a bonus to this items, is that it was 15% off! I couldn’t pass it up  🙂

The next item, Is something that I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY COULD NOT pass up. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching Chip and Joanna Gains on HGTV. Her style is very similar to what I like, so I fall in love with SO many different houses they do. When I walked into the store today, I couldn’t help but notice they started selling items from Chip and Joanna’s company MAGNOLIA. Of course, most of the items were WAY above what I was trying to spend, but it was still nice seeing everything. I did walk away with a plant holder of theirs that I cannot wait to use. The best part, it was 15% off too!


The last Item that I want to share with you all, is my new fall wreath! Since were selling our current house, we aren’t supposed to have any “personalized” items out, meaning pictures of us, or anything to do with our names. I usually have a J on the front door for JOHNSON, but I had to take that down. The door seemed pretty empty, so I figured why not get a new pretty fall wreath for the door! My mom added on the gingham bow as well, because she’s the queen of crafting!

Well there are my 5 latest fall finds ! I hope that you enjoyed seeing them. Now I need this house to get done, so my mom and I can get to painting, and decorating!

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!


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