♥ 10 Habits for a Healthy Marriage ♥

I cannot believe that my husband and I have been married for TWO YEARS. Time really does fly when you’re having fun!! 

(P.S my husband is down about 150 pounds since our wedding day and honeymoon !)

It feels like everyday I learn something new about my husband, that makes me love him even more.  I couldn’t have married a better man. He is strong, motivating, hardworking, honest, caring, loyal, and smart. I wanted to share 10 habits for a healthy marriage, that we have found successful for us 🙂

1. NEVER go to bed angry. No matter what the problem or issue is, make sure that neither one of you go to sleep still angry. It’s not healthy, and it can make a bad situation EVEN worse. My husband and I have learned that if something is bothering one of us, that we need to talk about it before we fall asleep. This way we fix any little problems, before they turn into big problems. 

2. Have FUN together. Just because you’re married now, doesn’t mean that the fun stops. Keep things fresh and new. My husband and I literally do EVERYTHING together. Some find it weird, but we just love experiencing everything together. Whether we’re out riding jetskis, or taking a trip together, we have tons of fun and laughs.

3. Do things at YOUR own pace. It seems like a lot of the couples who got married around the same time as us were ready to have kids RIGHT away. Which is totally fine, but it always lead to 21 questions for Shawn & I. Why don’t y’all have kids? Do you want kids? Are you pregnant? Of course we want little kiddies, but we also want to make sure we are 100% ready because let’s face it there’s NO turning back once you have them 🙂 . We always had a game plan in our head of the things we wanted to accomplish before we put in 100% at being parents. We have enjoyed these 2 years of traveling, and marriage. Don’t consume yourself with social media and what others are doing, just do things at your own pace. 

4. Listen to each other. If the other one is having a bad day, just listen. Let them vent and get everything off their chest. Shawn always allows me to vent when I’ve had a bad day at work, or something is bothering me. I could careless if he’s actually listening, just the fact that he lets me ramble on until I feel better means a lot. Life’s not perfect and neither are the both of you, everyone has a bad day, so make sure you are available for your spouse. 

5. Words of affirmation. Doesn’t it feel good when your spouse tells you you’re beautiful out of the blue, or that they love you? Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we forget to remind our spouse how grateful we are to have them. My husband and I always make sure that we remind each other just how blessed we are to have one another. 

6. TEAMWORK. Marriage is all about being a team. You should both WANT to help each other out and be the best that you can be. All of the chores should NOT be left to one person. In our household my husband LOVES to cook, and to be honest he’s so good at it ! So while most of the time he cooks, I will do the laundry. I know after a long day at work the last thing you want to do is clean and do laundry, but when you share the chores it makes it so much easier. If one partner fails to help, it can cause  frustration and fights.  

7. Spend time apart. I know – I know it sounds strange, but you need to spend some time apart to really appreciate the love that you share. Now I’m not saying spend DAYS AND DAYS apart, but sometimes a weekend with the guys or girls can be a nice change of pace. For my husband and I, he has to travel periodically for work, and even though I hate him leaving, It always reminds me just how much I love and appreciate him. It’s always nice to spend a little girl time while he is away too and when he gets home I smother him with kisses! 🙂 

8. Be Best Friends. I know It sounds a bit cliché to say “my husband is my best friend” but really my husband is. When I have a good day or bad day, the FIRST person I want to talk about it with is HIM. When I hear a juicy story, who do I run to? HIM. When I’m in a crazy mood where I just want to sing and dance all over the house, who do I do it with? HIM. When I want take a long car ride to see the sunset, who do I go with? HIM. I honestly tell him EVERYTHING, we talk about EVERYTHING, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Being so open with eachother makes everything so easy. 

 9. Always defend your spouse. There is always going to be someone who has something to say about something, whether it’s coming from anger or jealousy. However, never ever allow someone to talk badily about your spouse while your present. You cannot control what goes on while you are gone, but while you are present, you need to support your spouse. Your spouse should be your #1 and you should never want anyone to put them down, or speak of them in a negative light. I think so highly of my husband and I would never want anyone to speak of him in a negative way.

10. Focus on the Positive. As mentioned above, we all have our good and bad days, and we should be able to vent to our spouses about them. With that being said, don’t let those bad days consume you. Having a negative mindset can really destroy a relationship. You need to have a positive outlook and really appreciate the things that God has blessed the both of you with. My husband and I give the credit for all of our successes to the man above. We know without him, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and knowing that puts a huge smile on our face. We like to see the positive in every situation, and when I struggle, he pulls me in to let me know that everything is going to be okay, and it will all work out. Being Positive really helps a relationship stay strong. 

I hope that you too find these to be successful in your relationships 🙂

Here’s to many many MANY more years hubs XoXo 


  1. Happy anniversary, Kendal and Shawn! You guys are a good example of what can be for anyone! Glad to know you good people 🙂

  2. Such wise words coming from someone so young. If you keep at this pace you will see many milestone anniversaries together.

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